Advantages of a flat pack home?

Advantages of a flat pack home?

Mobile homes are the hotspot of the society today,But because of the high price of the container house,Make people discouraged.In China, the flat pack house is used for construction sites.Now he is widely used in low cost, high habitability houses around the world.We can transform him in the exterior and inside.More and more people are coming and going with the Chinese to get it. What are the specific advantages of the flat pack container house?

1. A flat pack home has no impact on the environment

In the rapid development of modern society, environmental protection is increasingly promoted. Packed boxes have long been environmentally conscious before manufacturing. We adopt the “factory prefabrication + on-site installation” mode. The production enterprises generally pass the EIA, and the framework is painted. Will be able to weld and paint like several other manufacturers. In addition, there is no construction waste when the flat pack container house is installed. After the project is demolished, construction waste will not be left behind and the resident environment will not be destroyed.

2.Easy to transport and install

Most of the packaging materials are based on the structural structure of steel frame and lightweight wallboard. With flat packaging, it is very easy to meet the transportation standard, thus achieving 8 boxes of combined transportation, saving transportation costs and labor costs. If you want to transfer the position, you can easily disassemble it. The structure is stable and firm, the turnover rate is high, and the service life can reach more than 15 years.

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