What are the factors that dominate the price of cheap prefab villa house?
cheap prefab villa house

What are the factors that dominate the price of cheap prefab villa house?

How to get a cheap prefab villa house? The cost comparison between light steel structure houses and steel-concrete structure houses is analyzed mainly by several factors. The cost of buildings and other buildings refers to the life cycle cost, that is, the total cost of the product during the life span. Is the light steel villa really expensive?

Infrastructure foundation cost comparison

Because all materials are light materials, light steel structure houses are light weight, only 1/5 of the brick-concrete structure and 1/6 of the steel-concrete structure, thus greatly reducing the cost of the foundation. Double-layer light steel structure houses are dug 400mm-600mm deep below the ground, and 240mm-300mm high structural ring beams can be placed above the ground. In some mountainous areas, hills and desert areas, light steel structure houses do not require special foundation treatment, and the cost is much lower than that of brick-concrete structures. The basic cost of light steel villas in the same area is equivalent to about three-thirds of brick-concrete structures. One.

Area comparison

The analysis is made from three different types of houses: a two-story residential building with a brick-concrete structure with a building area of about 400 m2; a three-story residential building with a reinforced concrete structure with a building area of about 550 m2. After calculation and analysis, the area utilization rates of the two different structural buildings are 73% and 78.4%, respectively, while the light steel structure housing usage rate is over 90%.

Comparison of construction period, on-site construction labor and transportation, lifting costs, etc.

  1. Light steel structure The construction of the house is high in industrialization and speed. The construction period is shortened by half compared with the brick-and-mortar house. The structure from the structure to the exterior and the built-in building (300-400 square meters) can be completed in two months. The construction of light steel structure houses is less affected by weather and seasons, and can be carried out under various climatic conditions to achieve uninterrupted construction throughout the year and reduce the cost of on-site transportation and hoisting.
  2. The construction period increases, the time for workers to work on site increases, and a certain amount of fees are paid every day. Therefore, compared with brick-concrete structure houses, the cost of artificial cost of light steel villas is significantly lower.
  3. The cost of economics refers to the maximum cost of giving up. The more things are abandoned, the more the cost. The brick-concrete structure for the owners, the long construction period, the biggest cost for the owners to give up is work, body, Other operating income? These economic benefits, which are implicitly abandoned due to long periods, cannot be ignored.

Post-maintenance cost exterior wall decoration and insulation comparison

The wall insulation effect of the 15cm light steel structure house is equivalent to the insulation effect of the 1m thick brick and concrete house. After the brick-concrete houses are built, in order to better the appearance and heat preservation effect, it is necessary to additionally make external decoration and external wall insulation, and the light steel structure houses are in place at one time, and no secondary expenses will be involved. Cost of use: Because of the insulation of light steel structure houses, the heat insulation is better than that of brick-concrete houses, and the cost of air-conditioning and heating in the later period will be greatly reduced.

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