Container house plans for installation steps
container house plans

Container house plans for installation steps

Container house plans

1. base installation

Installation method: The chassis is connected with a corner head, fixed with a carriage screw, connected with a tape measure for diagonal correction, and the screws are tightened after correction.

2. Column installation

Installation method: 4 columns are installed on the corner column of the base, and the screws are installed. Correct the vertical fastening screws after the top beam is installed.

3. install the top beam

Installation method: first install 4 corners on the column, install the screws, and then put the 4 top beams on the corners. Then correct the verticality of the corner posts and tighten all the screws.

4. Lower square tube installation (this step can also be installed in the second step)

Installation method: 4*8 square tube and 8*8 square tube are installed on the chassis clamp at intervals (8*8 is in the position where the two floors are overlapped), and the screws are installed. Note that both ends of the square tube must be stuck in the clamp.

5. Wall panel installation

Installation method: side wall panel, one window in the middle of the back wall, one door and one window in the front wall.

6. the top panel installation

Installation method: 1. First install the top panel, fix it with flat head self-tapping screws. 2. Adhesive sealing tape, the side of the frame is sealed with 10cm sealing tape, and the joints of the two top panels are sealed with 5cm tape.

7. Fire floor installation

Installation method: After the glass magnesium panel is arranged, the floor can be laid.

8. Electrical installation

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