one or two stories luxury prefab villa house for sale

one or two stories luxury prefab villa house for sale

Prefab villa house Integral Construction

light steel structure villa house Integral Construction

Prefab House Villa Parameter Details


The main forms of foundation are pile foundation, strip foundation, box foundation, light steel keel pile foundation and strip foundation. (Please contact us for the details of the basic part, and we will arrange technical staff to answer for you.)

[Subject structure]

The steel structure system adopts Q345 steel, 1.0-1.8 mm thin-walled light steel keel system, and the structural connectors adopt 2.0 mm thick galvanized steel firmware.

[Roof structure]

The roof is roof truss + 12 mm thick OSB + waterproof membrane + asphalt tile / coloured stone tile / glazed tile, etc.

[Wall structure]

According to different climate and floor requirements, the main components of the wall are light steel keel + cement fiberboard / silicate cover board / gypsum board / etc. + the external wall is cement hanging board + 50xps + waterproof + 9mmOSB + steel structure + glass wool + 12 gypsum board.

[Interior wall structure]

Most of the interior partitions are 12 mm gypsum board + steel structure + 12 mm gypsum board. Some waterproof parts are made of calcium silicate board, cement board and PVC fastener board.

[Floor structure]

Most floor slabs are made of light steel truss, sound insulation cotton, OSB substrate, panel/carpet, etc. C+U section steel is used in the parts with small span.

[doors and windows]

The outer door is metal anti-theft door or paint-free solid wood door, the inner door is composite door or paint-free door (base price excluded), the toilet door is glass door or plastic-steel door (base price excluded); the windows are all aluminum alloy windows (if there are special needs and contact with us, such as hollow glass, insulating glass, etc.)

[design parameters]

Roof live load: 0.5kn/m2
Wind load: 30m-40m/s
Seismic Intensity: 9 Degrees
Service life: 50 years

Design plan

Single storey light steel structure prefab villa house

Domestic and foreign cases

ligh steel structure prefab villa house plans and case in Australia and in Indonesia

Transportation and installation

Modular production of prefab house villa, integrated circuit waterway, complete supporting facilities, compression, packaging and transportation, easy disassembly and installation. The amount of foundation fabrication on site is small, and it can be used after being transported to the site. Housing can be recycled, sustainable use for 50 years, the use process does not produce any construction waste. The roof adopts structural waterproof design to enhance the air tightness and water tightness of the house. When the house is out of the factory, according to the practical application, we can choose to add some decorative accessories such as rain canopy. Our company can be responsible for installation, guidance or training installation.

ligh steel structure prefab villa house is  
easy to transportation and installation

Quality Control

china safe way control the quality of ligh steel structure prefab villa house

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