Cheap price mobile prefabricated tiny house and flat pack container house

Cheap price mobile prefabricated tiny house and flat pack container house

Product Description

Prefabricated tiny house and Container house


A containerized house is a mobile, reusable building product. It adopts modular design and factory production, and the cabinet is the basic unit, which can be used alone. It can also form a spacious use space by different combinations of horizontal and vertical directions, and the vertical direction can be laminated. The container unit structure is a standard component welded by special steel. The container and the container are connected by bolts, the structure is simple, and the installation is convenient and quick.
It can be used in product sales exhibition halls, temporary reception centers, business offices, meeting room, student and workers’ dormitory, etc.


(1)Several containers combine together, flexible lay out.
Combine side by side to make a more big space.
(2)Quick install, short construct period.
4 workers can finish one single container half a day.
Can be installed before the shipment, the container can be used after connection with electricity and pipe at destination.
(3)Facility all in readiness, live in directly.
Bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, entertainment room for many choice.
Lighting facilities, door, window, furniture.
(4)Structure safe and stable, long life time.
Anti-seismic(Grade 8), wind resistance(Grade 11)
Can be used for more than 15 years.
(5)Easy to transport, save the freight.
Using scattered packing or transport installed directly.
Save long distance freight cost.
(6)Accessories design, simple and good performance.
With different type roof, corridor, rain shed, stair.

flat pack container house design
Assemble container houseJY-40112 setsWall:5cm rock wool sandwich panel
Roof:Corrugated steel+glass wool+corrugated steel
Floor:Magnesium board
Future:Cheap, Bulk,Screw connection,without crane.
Speed of installation:Four sets/four people/one day
Flat pack container houseJY-4028 setsWall:7.5cm glass wool sandwich panel
Roof:Welded composite insulation material
Floor:cement board+PVC
Future:Roop and floor finished,Welding process,Stable,Excellent capability,Crane needed.
Folding container houseJY-40310 setsWall:5cm rock wool sandwich panel
Roof:Corrugated steel+sandwich panel
Floor:Magnesium board
Future:Foldable,without installation,cheap,Crane needed.

Customizable service

1. Surface: Layout

2. Colour: White, red, grey, blue, orange, wooden grain or other colour or decorative panels

3. Electrical lines and water pipes.

4. specification of sandwich panel.

5. Stair section, second floor corridor section and canopy.

6. We can provide solutions based on your design drawings.

Detailed Images

flat pack container detail

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