Wooden house and prefabricated tiny house prefab small house

Wooden house and prefabricated tiny house prefab small house

Products Description

1.The prefabricated tiny house and small wooden house mainly uses the main building materials, H-shaped steel, and thermal insulation sandwich panels as the main load-bearing skeleton and the main wall system. The tile surface is made of glazed colored tiles. The outer wall can be nested with different materials. The inner wall can be nested inside the deck according to your needs.

2.The size and layout can be designed as per customers’ requirements for its flexible dimension.

3.The house can resist heavy wind load of 0.5KN/m2 and 7-8 degree seismic intensity.

Product Display

prefabricated tiny house trailer house
prefab small wooden house


prefab small house


living container house prefab tiny house
tiny house with wheels

The above are some of our designs for previous customers, please tell us your needs, we can customize, you can also check out this product, it is our most popular product:

Steel structure tiny wooden house with trailer

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