20/40 ft expandable shipping container house

20/40 ft expandable shipping container house

One of the new trends of building house is shipping container houses. Sounds pretty cool and also saving money, container has a great structure for house building. You can also build your container home with several containers so you can get more houses. We’ve mapped out just three steps, and you’ll get a perfect container house.

Purchase process

Step 1 – Planning

Nothing can be done without planning. So the first step is make your plan including Purpose, budget, location.Make sure the house is built legally on your land (don’t miss this step). Each country or region has different laws and regulations. It’s better to check the rules online or consult local experts.

expandable shipping container house plans

If you are building container home make sure you Understanding market prices of empty container house.Our price has an absolute advantage .

shipping container house price

(Note:This is the price of the empty container house.)

shipping container house cost
shipping container house prices

Usually, you can have your own goal. You can choose one or more container houses and choose the size you want. Even if you want to make a special design, please prepare your drawings and tell us that we can help you solve it. If you don’t want to have trouble or do not know how to make design drawings, we have professional designers and engineers here to meet your ideas or choose our design scheme directly from us.

Step 2 – Find us

When you have a plan, you should start to purchase now. If you only need to buy one, you will have to prepare a lot of things. First, you need to find a good manufacturer in the local area, but also bear the high price. Second, you need to find an engineer by yourself. Third, you need to establish the foundation, put on the container house, and then arrange in the engineer. Next, it is reinforced, cut and decorated. If you buy it from us, we will reinforce and cut it for you. We will finish the interior and exterior decoration of doors and windows according to your requirements. You only need to make the foundation where you want to put the container house, and put it directly after you get the goods.If you want to buy more than one container house, you can choose the local engineer for guidance, but it is better to use our engineer, we will send the engineer directly.

Step 3 – Building Foundations

you need a base that the shipping container can be placed in. This problem can be solved by engineers, but I will give you a general idea. There are three main foundations:

  • Concrete Piers is a simplest and cheapest shallow foundation to go
  • Slab on Grad foundations is more expensive one, which suitable for softer soil types.
  • Pile Foundation is the most expensive foundation and is used when the soil type is too weak.

Design example

20ft shipping container house for sale
luxury 20ft shipping container house for sale
40ft shipping container house for sale
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